What is the name of this movie that was in Netflix?

My mother saw this movie in Netflix about a week ago but it has now been removed so she cant find it on her history.

The movie is in English, in colour, and its set in an American small town. My mother thinks it has been released between years 2000-2017. She can not remember the names of any of the actors.

One of the main characters is a blond middle aged woman who’s husband cheats on her with a younger woman and leaves her. She becomes depressed. She lives with her son and he starts dating a girl, who later moves in with him and his mother. The girl is helping the mother with her depression.

The movie is also a lot about the relationship with her son and his girlfriend.

My mom says the movie cover had a picture of the mother. She thinks there was a word “love” in the title but she is not sure.

I have been trying to find this movie for two days but it seems impossible and I’m starting to wonder if this movie even exists. 😀


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