Really weird Japanese Film

I watched what I think was the ending or middle-end of a Japanese movie.  I watched it in a hotel in Japan on some random channel 3-4 years ago.  It is possible it was an episode of something but whatever I watched looked like the climax of a movie more than an episode of a show.

Plot:  The setting was an underground parking lot.  There was a guy a back room.  Another guy walks in and says something.  The person in the room looks really scared, gets up on the table and does a little dance for some reason.  The other guy walks back out to the center of the parking lot.  After this point there are just a lot of battles with more and more people suddenly appearing including some that can stop time and manipulate things while time is stopped, and another that can teleport by making a specific sound and pose.  It was very funny to watch and very odd.  I don’t remember any more details than this.


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