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I saw this “Anime” film as a kid, probably 1985-90, rented video. It was a space saga/drama with characters like a woman, kid, young man, etc and I think they all had different color suits. I believe they were on a long journey, I think it was more a drama film than the typical action shows of the time. The key point is it focused on the legend of the space phoenix. The problem with finding it is the colored space suits and even the space phoenix were a standard trope of the time, many anime had those. I have already gone through everything that come up on web searches and confirmed those are not it. It is not the Tezuka one for example. It could be Gatchaman (a big franchise), maybe, but I can’t find the exact film. It could be that it was a heavily edited import so it is hard to recognize and under a different name.

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  1. Battle of the Planets (1978)? — The westernised edition of Gatchaman. There was a feature length film released made up of several 1st season episodes. The ship turns into a Phoenix.

  2. Thanks for the answer. I have considered that before, and looking through it again, it’s a Batman like romp to recover gold with a lot of islands and water. I believe I saw a space journey opera with a very different feel. Looking at a list of Gatachaman episodes, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of it. I considered Star Blazers as well but that seems wrong.

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