Movie from the mid 80’s

I remember seeing this movie at a drive in theater around the time that Terminator came out. The movie was the second feature. I just can’t seem to remember the movie. There is only one scene that I could vividly remember. The scene went like this, A father was having sex with I think his wife or mistress. She was on top of the man. A young boy see’s the act by a slightly open door and is horrified, he then gets an ax and barges into the room striking the woman on the next proceeding to chop off her head. The man she was on top of is horrified and is yelling. Then the boy jumps on the bed and strikes the man across the forehead with the ax. If you know what the name of this movie is please let me know. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Movie from the mid 80’s

    1. It has many titles and release dates. Try Nightmares in a Damaged Brain and Blood Splash. The scene you describe is shown as a flashback near the end.

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