Late 80’s to mid 90’s B-movie: Woman in black leather with a large gun

I remember seeing a B-movie(possibly Z?), probably on USA late at night, about 20-25 years ago.  I don’t remember much about it other than the main character generally looked somewhat like Trinity from the Matrix. So, black leather, maybe sunglasses, black hair but possibly long, and unslicked, carried a large hand gun like a Magnum .44, black?). If she didn’t carry it, there was at least a visual motif of a large hand gun, .
Now this part could be completely wrong:
She was an assassin and received her orders via an arcade game or, at the very least there was an arcade machine in the film that was important. Maybe the game was a shooter game and that’s where the gun came in.
The setting was post-apocalyptic, or at least there were crumbling buildings and maybe sand…I want to say the name of the movie was “The Eliminators” or “The Exterminators” or even “The Revolver” but movies with those names don’t match the plots.


12 thoughts on “Late 80’s to mid 90’s B-movie: Woman in black leather with a large gun

    1. Much lower budget, less well known. I don’t think there was anyone of note in it, except maybe someone like Tim Thomerson or brion james… But I don’t think they were in it either. Also I feel like it was probably several years earlier than barb wire

  1. La Femme Nikita (1990) There was a tv show spin off in the mid 90’s and the actress had long blond hair, but the original film was about a prisoner forced into becoming an assassin. Short black hair. Tight black leather dress. Big ass 50cal hand gun. They played it a lot on USA (I think that’s the channel that made the tv spin off as well)

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