Innocent girl, Wild friend #2

Okay so my last one I was combining two movies in my head that I thought were the same movie but they weren’t.  You guys helped me with one so let’s try the other.

Innocent young girl (high school maybe), dresses preppy, goody two shoes, befriends a wild girl and becomes wild herself.  She dresses more slutty, might have gotten a tattoo, makes some questionable moves.  She gets in trouble, and at the end of the movie she and the friend are more distant and she’s back to her preppy conservative ways.

There is a scene where the two girls are talking to an older guy in a living room (college aged guy maybe).  The one girl straddles the guy and starts seducing him, being all flirty and sensuous with him and the guy seems to briefly contemplate the situation before making her get off of him because she is jailbait.  That’s really all I remember clearly.

Any clue?

5 thoughts on “Innocent girl, Wild friend #2

  1. And really? Those girls were supposed to be 12 and 13? Had no idea (movie title should have given it away I suppose lol).

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