Independent thriller (low budget)


I saw this movie probably in ’08 or ’09, but not later than that. It was uploaded on a site no longer available, so I couldn’t look it up again.


Definetly U.S. production. And full feature film, about 90 minutes runtime. Also in color.

Some plot details:

This was really a independent, low budget film. It has only 3 characters: 2 guys ( brothers I think) and a girl –  all between the age of 18-30. The girl is kidnapped by one of the brothers and held captive in some motel room, handcuffed to the bed (“military grade handcuffs – not pickable” quotes one of the guys) . The whole movie basically takes place just in the bedroom and the bathroom. If I remember correctly, most of the time only two of the characters share a scene. It really is a suspense thriller, where the question is who is playing whom.

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