Horror movie

I saw this movie one year ago. It was a  horror or a thriller movie. I want to watch it again but i don’t know name of the movie. Please help me if you remember this movie.

Some guys make horror movie that includes real fear. An actress is cheated by film crew who plays role as a nurse of a mental hospital. They  was making film by using her real fear. As soon as she realized it , she angried them. But film crew (except three people-movie director, Anna and the nurse role) are killed by another crew who make horror movie. And they wear a big awful mask on thier heads. Movie sponsors are watching this horror video by online directly. Movie director and the nurse wonder whether who decieves from them.

Finally the actress who plays role as nurse and Anna survived and killers released them.

When they go to home by car, the actress as nurse realized that Anna was deciever because she saw camera over her.

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