Giant Spider and Living Statue

This film had a woman, possibly a princess, who is to be sacrificed to a god/statue. The hero and his group of men are on a mission to rescue her.

The group of men have to go through a cave with a massive spider inside. Towards the end, they interrupt the sacrifice and the god/statue comes to life and morphs into a disgusting creature. A fight ensues and the hero eventually wins.

I watched this on television in the late 90s, I came in about halfway through the movie. It seemed to be older, created before the 90s at least. I thought it might have been a Sinbad film but it is not.

Thank for the help!

10 thoughts on “Giant Spider and Living Statue

  1. That is the spider scene! I was mixing up two movies. Turns out it was this one and Conan the Destroyer. It was so long ago I remembered it being one film. Thanks for the help!

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