Family move into house with a demon

A family move into an old house where a demon thing lives that killed a mother and child

Okay so this has been bothering me for years (literally) my cousins made me watch the film when I was about 8 maybe 10 and for the past few years it has gradually annoyed me more and more. There are 3 scenes I remember and no matter how I type them into google nothing comes up so here they are.

I beleive the film opens with a mother and son running from this demon type thing in their house. The mother then hides the child in a cupboard (I believe he also has a toy truck with him) after this we then see the mother being dragged into a room leaving scraping marks on the floor and then the door locks.

The second part I remember is the (I believe) girl going upstairs and stopping to draw a picture of the fogged up window. Later when she comes down there are other little drawings beside hers although no one else has gone upstairs.

Finally the last thing I remember is a low angle shot showing the baby in a high chair and the demon crawling on the ceiling (of course the mother doesn’t see it only the baby does)

extra information: the film was in colour and I believe American but that’s all I can remember

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