blond boy w curly hair teen boy and brunette teen girl in forest

I watched this movie on a Spanish movie channel it might be Unimas. I don’t remember the beginning of the movie but I do remember the end- a brunette girl about the age of 14 or 15 is running in the forest and is being chased by a man; once the girl stops to rest and hide she leans on a tree and the man almost kills her but then something heavy (like a tool box) falls on the man killing him… a blond boy w curly dirty blond hair shows up and  takes out a box of pictures of dead children around their age in a black and white photo and once they trust eachother they decide to go and kill the guy who did this to them on they’re way to kill the guy they go through a car junk yard and the blond curly haired boy has a gun and kills the guard men in the junk yard later on they get on an eight wheeler that is yellow  (those big trucks that carry stuff like metal) and crash the truck into the building (a house?) that the guy that did those to them is in and the man dies.

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