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It starts out with a man taking a test and he is being really stupid and somehow manages to choke on his pencil during the test. There are several witches that are bad, and the man wants to fight them. He has two little kids with him, a boy and a girl. At some point a witch puts a spell on him and he goes 2D and slides dwon some steps like jelly.

A lot like Anastasia but I don’t think it is???

It is an animated movie (maybe not though) that I watched in about 2001-2005. The main girl had red hair and in the beginning there was a war and she got separated from her father because they were in a crowd that was running from war. Then years later she leaves an orphanage to find a new life for herself and get a job. She gets a job at this kind of palace place and her boss is remodelling or something to do with the palace. Then later in the movie she discovers that her boss is actually her dad that she was separated from years before.

I’ve been stressing about this for so long and for a while I thought it was Anastasia but it isn’t.

Lost orphan girl?

I have been searching for this movie for YEARS, and I can’t seem to find it. I know it’s not a dream because my friend remembers it vaguely too.

The movie starts with a mass panic and I think a father is running away with his little girl (who has red hair), and POSSIBLY they are on a dock and it collapses. Then the girl gets separated from the father and he gets pushed away by the crowd. The little girl is taken into an old hags foster home, and I think the hag is possibly a witch. Then, it shows the girl grown up and she’s leaving the house, she the goes in search of a job and finds one at a very large building/home that looks a bit like a palace. She works for a man and might be an architect or something or an assistant. You find out that her boss is actually her dad, but neither of them know it.