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Man lost at sea. Has chocolate milk

I’m not sure if I drempt it and just believe this movie is real. If it’s real on how I remember it it was when I 2as a young teenager so.. late 90s early 00s. It was in color. Seen it on tv and then again my parents may have owned it on VHS. I’m just hoping it’s real. Every time I see the word overboard that’s what I think of.

Movie with couple on isolated island near the sea

I’m trying to remember a movie that as far as I remember was a Thriller about a couple living in an isolated house near the sea.

The critical thing I remember is that the man is building some sort of wooden house/look out point, they get a visitor on a rowing boat and it all turns to hell and the one guy dies by being empaled on this wooden building.

Had to have been produced in the 90’s.

Any one have any thoughts or clues as to what movie this could be?