A boy attracted by an older man

Hi, I have been ruminating about this movie I saw about 8 yrs ago but I don’t remember much:

There was a boy who was intrigued by a middle aged man (I think this man was suspected of being a sex offender) and so he goes to this man’s flat one night his parents had gone out for a dinner party. This boy knocks on the man’s door and at first the man is reluctant to let him in but eventually does. I remember a scene where the man (wearing a tank top and boxers) is sitting on a couch in front of the boy and is asking him why he’s here. Meanwhile the parents are with their friends having dinner and they start discussing the man in question, and for some reason they find themselves worried about their son and go home to see if he’s ok.

I think the movie es about how public perception is more important in deciding whether a crime is committed than are the facts.

I’m sorry for being so vague but it’s all I can remember. Thanks in advance!

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