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A French movie I saw a glimpse of

Ok, this is basically a pointless question but if there’s someone who usually watches French movies,  they might know.

I saw a scene from this movie while waiting on a friend in a coffee shop and someone just changed the channel while I was watching it.

It was a French movie,  and I’m pretty sure it was black and white. It was being shown on one of my country’s (Croatia)  main channels so it should be a well-known or an important movie.

What I saw was a beautiful young woman with short hair who got off a streetcar and I think that she was with a pretty typically looking man who was interested in her.  They proceeded to walk to some big white building with a set of stairs in front of it.

I don’t know who the actress was but she was strikingly beautiful and looked very French. She probably had eye pencil/eyeliner on her eyes and they were also very big and beautiful (this sounds creepy but ok).


A foreign movie about a family where every child has a different father

Hello,  I have trouble finding this movie that I’d like to watch again.

I’ve watched it maybe 3-4 years ago in a local artsy cinema. It’s a foreign movie,  I’m pretty sure it was from Spain or some similar country.

The main character (I think)  is an average young white male with blonde hair. His father recently passed away (I think) and he and all his brothers unite at the family home.  I think there was some talking how he,  that main guy,  might not be their real brother because he is blonde.

I also think that he had a love interest,  but,  again, I’m really not sure.

The main thing about this movie is that in the end it turns out that the father (who passed away) had some idealistic fantasy that he would have 7 (?) children like in some fairy tale or something that he liked and when the mother realised that he couldnt have children she felt sorry for him and decided that she wouldn’t let that ruin his life so from time to time she would go to some bar where sailors from all around the world would drink and have sex with a different guy every time.  The father believed the children were his and he lived a happy life.

In the end the main guy says something about love and family and whose father was from which country (I think that his was from Sweden or something) .

I know that this isn’t really specific but if anyone remembers seeing this please help!!  I’ve been searching the internet for 2 days with various phrases and I feel so dumb!