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Man with Amnesia Tries to Solve Wife’s Murder

This is a color movie made somewhere between approx late 80s and 2000. It is not Momento and it is not Shattered… it is a similar plot but much more obscure in popularity, possibly a made for TV movie. As I remember the plot goes that a man wakes with amnesia to find his wife dead… I think it was a car crash but maybe someone murdered her. He is instantly the primary suspect and the movie centers around him trying piece together clues to prove his innocence. The story takes place in a small town, I think. He may have gone there after the accident/murder to escape scrutiny while the investigation is ongoing. There he finds a (I think, my memory is fuzzy) female confidante who sympathizes with him and tries to help him put his past together. All the while the sheriff of the small town is suspicious of him and plays the antagonist. The end is a great plot twist where you find out the guy you’ve been hoping would vindicate himself by proving his innocence actually did the deed.