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Music/composer biopic told my two old ladies

Back in the late 90s/early aughts in my elementary school music class we watched a movie about a composer/musician who worked primarily backstage in a theater. I remember the time period was 1750-1800s and the theater had a Globe Theater vibe to it (wood, kinda shabby but inviting). One scene had two old ladies reminiscing about the composer, about how handsome he was, but they argued about what color his waistcoat had been, blue or purple. I think they were telling a young girl about him and the majority of the film was flashbacks? He might have played the violin, but the scene I remember most was the waistcoat changing colors as the women argued. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This has haunted me for almost 20 years!

Gorilla removes man’s brain during expedition

I caught pieces of this movie while my parents watched it in the living room years ago. A group of people were in a jungle somewhere and the nerdy male character (I think he had glasses but I’m under the impression he was the comic relief) suddenly shows up, slack jawed and unresponsive. The group starts to wonder what’s going on when the man slumps to the ground, revealing a huge gorilla behind him with his brain in its hand. I think the gorilla was unnaturally intelligent/hostile and started attacking the group but that’s where my memory ends. Thanks in advance!