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HELLO I LOOK FOR A FILM: I remember that British soldiers arrive at what seems to be the tibet there are taken by prisoners the locals and when trying to be executed to one of them that had high military rank you notice a medal with the eye that everything sees then realizing this they kneel before him and they start to praise him and give him all the wealth they have and he plans to flee on horseback taking the riches in gold they gave him, if anyone knows the name of the movie, please tell me it’s about 70s


HELLO I LOOK FOR A MOVIE from my childhood, I only remember that it was a blond boy around the 10-13 years with long hair who goes to investigate the disappearances of several people, in one scene is listening to a cassette in a walkman while taking classes , in another scene cycling to a remote spot and enters a kind of abandoned mine where I find that a body or tracks the movie is about 1995 by the clothes, if anyone knows the name of the movie would appreciate it very much


Hello I’m looking for a movie that I saw in my childhood, basically it’s a boy who knows a girl (the mafia boss’s daughter) and she wants to be his girlfriend, I remember a scene where they enter the house of Mr. (Mafioso) and they see the picture of the monalisa and he says that it is a good copy and the father laughs and says that it is the original, another scene is asked the young man to go for a package to the airport and it turns out that that package is a dragon of komodo, basically what I remember most of that movie, I think it was recorded in the 90s if anyone knows what movie I speak please tell me


Hi, I hope someone reads this, I'm looking for a movie from my childhood so I have few memories about it, basically it was a boy who followed a brother who was going to a party or a test of value in an abandoned mansion, I remember briefly he had some red converse and was blonde was locked in a basement, being there is a kind of monster or zombie I do not remember well that is chained and that monster was enclosed what looked like a metal door lying and chained, emitted grunts I remember there was a van in the movie, additional data are from the late 80's to the early 90's, and I have looked for it and nothing, it's not the movie on the door, nor the DR Freudstein is from that time , if anyone knows anything please tell me, and I searched on YouTube and I can not find it