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A man in a hotel

I think it’s a famous movie or the actor is famous.

There was a man in a hotel and I think he was in a Mafia project as a sudden and unwantedly. I remember two man came to him with a bag.

The thing I remember is one day the woman in the cafe(cashier or waitress), he used to eat there everyday, was mad at him why he disregardes her!

The man was a silent one as I remember(He had dialogues though)

I watched it before 2013 and cause I watched a dubbed version I don’t know the original language.

Two sisters reunion with not that much good relationship

I don’t remember the movie that much. There were two sisters(and their children I think) gathered after years(?) because of their father(maybe mother)’s death(or illness).

I remember there was a scene and maybe repeated, showed the wall and light beams on it. As I remember sisters weren’t friendly to each other. And just one more thing I remember is they talked about “Baptism” if I’m not wrong.


I don’t remember anything unfortunately, but it was in color. Not new(I watched it before 2013). And because I watched a dubbed version I can’t say what was the origin language for sure!