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As we all know, there have been many Zorro shows and movies both live-action and animated including the ones with Antonio Banderas produced by Steven Spielberg. Some produced by Disney too. Talk about a character later spoofed by an animated character voiced by Antonio Banderas himself named Puss in Boots in the beloved DreamWorks movie franchise, Shrek and the standalone films too.

However, what I really want to know is the name of the very, very, very first Zorro episode (or movie depending on which one came first) where Zorro first left his Z trademark either on a person or an object or both. Was it animated or live-action too?

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    1. Did Zorro by any chance leave that “Z” trademark on someone’s chest (besides his posterior) at some point in this silent movie for the very first time?

      If yes, at which time interval?

      If not, was it in another Zorro movie or show?

      1. I don’t know. In that scene he puts it on a wall, which meets your original question. You can watch the rest yourself if you want more specifics.

  1. “With his sword flashing and an athletic sense of humor, Zorro scars the faces of evildoers with his mark, “Z”.” — This scene happens 51 minutes.

    1. @AlexDuLarge I went at the time interval 51 something of the 1920 movie. No “Z” mark whatsoever.

  2. He puts the Z on their forehead in the 1920 Mark of Zorro.

    I don’t think he leaves a mark in the Republic serials . I think it is still on the forehead in the 1940 version, but not sure. Zorro definitely did the Z on the chest in the Disney TV version in the fifties.

      1. What’s the name of the 1940 version? At which time interval does the “Z” mark on the chest occur exactly?

  3. I believe the first was a silent film in 1920, called The Mark Of Zorro. Then later there was one with sound, with the same title.

  4. I partially checked both versions.

    In 1920, a Z mark on a sergeant’s butt.

    In 1940, a Z mark on a sergeant’s back.

    If anyone knows for sure which was the first Zorro movie (or show depending on which came first) where Zorro left a Z mark on the CHEST only and at which time interval, please let me know.

    Remember, the chest and the chest only. Nothing less, nothing more.

  5. SOLVED!

    After watching both 1920 and 1940 version fully during the past 2 days, I can honestly say that Will Edelman is the winner. It was The Mark of Zorro (1940) where Sergeant Gonzales was given a “Z” mark on his chest by Zorro.

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