Zombie Movie

I remember watching a film on JustinTV in the middle of the night. The premise was a small (silver?) box drops from the sky in a swamp in some rural town and people start getting sick and turning into zombies. Scenes with hiding in barns and shooting zombies. I remember a scene where a couple went into a truck stop and the zombies were attacking. I saw the movie probably 3-5 years ago and I was half asleep so its a bit grainy to me. Anybody know this flicks name?

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      1. Huh. The truck stop figures prominently, but I don’t remember anything about a box falling from the sky or a swamp. IIRC, this remake starts in medias res, with an attack during a baseball game. May be time for a re-viewing. Glad I was able to help, speedy!

  1. So I got this from the library and its definitely the correct answer. I guess my middle of the night delusions recalled something that didn’t happen. The swamp did hold a plane which fell from the sky but the rest was spot on. Thanks again!

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