Youth series, gender mix-up, costume drama 80s/90s

I am pretty sure this was a tv series I saw as young. Like in the 90’s, or even the 80’s. It might have been a mini series.

A young girl is poor, and to survive gets a job as companion to the two children of a wealthy family

A girl and a boy

She must pose as a boy to have this job

Everyone is telling her their secrets

There is a grandmother (or smthn) who is blind, who works in clay (?), she asks “him” to pose for a sculpture, she feels his face – a very poignant scene

Later both of the family’s kids fall in love with her/him (the girl as she is a boy, the boy as she is really a girl)

She comes to the blind woman and the sculpture has been finished as a girl’s face (and hair)

She also talks to a priest? ? about how she must always carry everyones secrets

There is a scene by a pond


I NEED this thing like the water you drin after jogging up a hill for an hour at the height of summer!! :C

2 thoughts on “Youth series, gender mix-up, costume drama 80s/90s

  1. Sounds a bit like the Swedish mini series ‘Flickan vid stenbänken’

    Can’t find any clips anywhere, but it’s a costume drama about a girl who works as a maid for a family and later poses as a boy to work as a companion for twins who live in a castle or big house. Don’t remember anything about the blind grandma though.

    You could google the name and look at screencaps maybe it’d trigger a memory.

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