Younger girl falls in love with older man, period drama

Ok, I have another one too…this one is very vague and I don’t remember details – it’s just a foggy memory.

About 15 years ago I was on vacation with family. We had rented a house, and one day it stormed pretty bad and we had to stay inside. My cousin and I found a VHS tape in the closet of on of the rooms and decided to watch it because we had nothing better to do. I’m pretty sure the box had a house or maybe it was a cottage on the cover – it was the house from the movie. It was a period drama, maybe early 20th century – I can’t be sure I was only about 10 at the time – and I’m pretty sure the setting was the English countryside. It was about a girl who started going to this older man’s house. I want to say there was a piano involved, so perhaps he was giving her piano lessons, but I don’t really remember. I remember the man was kind of mean in the begging, but the girl eventually falls in love with him. They might get married in the end, again, I’m not sure. I think a few years pass over the course of the movie. I’m pretty sure they both had dark hair, I want to say the girl’s hair was curly.

I apologize for the vagueness, I don’t know if anyone will be able to get it from my description, but I figured it’s worth a try.

8 thoughts on “Younger girl falls in love with older man, period drama

  1. No, she definitely wasn’t a governess. She was younger – I don’t think there were many other supporting characters. I mainly remember it being the Girl and the Man. I’m pretty sure the man lived alone.
    Thank you for the suggestion.

  2. No, not The Piano, but thank you for the suggestion. I think this was probably rated PG-13 at the most. I don’t remember anything too explicit, and I was about 10 at the time.

  3. No, definitely not Jane Eyre. Thank you though.
    Rigoletto was the closest I’ve seen so far, but it definitely didn’t have a bunch of songs in it, and I’m pretty sure the guy wasn’t disfigured.

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