Young naked boy (alien?) found by old woman

I only remember one scene from this movie. I saw it when I was young, around 1994-1998. We rented the VHS from our public library. The movie itself was probably made around 1975-1985…maybe. It was definitely a color film and it was in English.

I believe the scene I remember is near the beginning of the movie. An older woman finds a strange young boy outside. He’s naked and he doesn’t speak. He’s probably around 6-8 years old. I remember thinking he might have been an alien, but I’m not sure because I don’t remember anything about the plot. The woman takes him into her house and she gives him a bath and clothes. She tries to speak to him but he doesn’t talk. That is literally all I can remember. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Young naked boy (alien?) found by old woman

    1. Woahhh…you MAY be right…haha if so, that blows my mind. It has been awhile since I’ve seen the original Superman, but I’ve definitely seen it one or two times since I was young.

      All of the clips I can find of this section online of Superman are of young Clark and the Kents outside in the field (the scene where he lifts up the car). The specific scene I had in my brain was of a little boy and a woman in a house with a tub, and he might have been wrapped in a towel (maybe not). When I get the chance, I’ll watch the full movie and see if it’s in there…That would be crazy, haha thanks!

  1. So after watching the beginning portion of Superman, I know that it’s definitely not this movie (that was a really good guess tho!). The scene I remember had a woman (similar in age to the lady in superman), who walks into her house with the boy. She has the boy wrapped in a blanket and she’s asking him questions trying to figure out who he is, and he doesn’t reply. The Superman scene takes place outside by the aunt/uncle’s car and Clark lifts up the car. Then it shifts directly to when he’s a teenager.

    Any more ideas of what this could be? Thanks!

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