Young man kidnapped by teenage girl’s father

Hello Friends, I hope you can help me find a movie.

This came out probably in the late 80s or early 90s, and was seen as a rented VHS movie in the early to mid 90s (1992-95). It is in color and is in the English language.

The plot is similar to this:
A young man is driving his car out in the middle of nowhere when it breaks down and he is stranded. He may be slightly hurt from his car going out of control. A man (white, older, overweight, with a scraggily grayish beard) driving a truck comes along, and takes the young man to his house under the guise of helping him. The man has an older teenage daughter–slender, brunette–but no wife/mother is around. The young man is eventually held prisoner there because the father becomes convinced he had sex with his daughter. The father uses a soup stain on the bed as proof and uses phrases like “popped her cherry” to describe it. He also has the daughter dance for him (the father) in a very seductive manner, which totally creeps out the young man. I think, at some point, the young man is chained to a radiator but somehow manages to escape and I think the daughter leaves with him, as she recognizes her situation is not healthy and is starting to understand her father is abusive.

I think the opening scene might involve the father in a gas station, picking out donuts for his daughter, while some other people poke fun at him. I don’t think he realizes he is being made fun of.

I thought this movie starred Kyle MacLachlan, but I can’t find a listing that appears to be even remotely similar under his name so I suspect it was another dark haired, slender, pale, dark-eyed actor who excelled in creepy roles. There were a lot of them back in the day.

Thanks for any help you can give!

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