Young blonde boy climbs phone tower.

I saw this movie around 2003-2004 and can only remember a little part of it, there was a young blonde boy probably 6-7 who runs away from home with a backpack, he then climbs a phone tower with a tinfoil hat on his head, there is a reason that i don’t recall. He gets rescued by the man who is in love with his mother.
this is not the start of the movie, i think its towards the end. and whenever i think about the actor who saved the boy i think of Patrick Swayze even though i know its not..
hardly anything to go by but im really hoping someone can help me out, been bugging me recently.

4 thoughts on “Young blonde boy climbs phone tower.

  1. This probably isn’t correct, but your description of that scene reminds me of “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?” starring Johnny Depp and Leonardo Di Caprio. Leo is climbing the tower and has to be rescued by his brother played by Johnny Depp.

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