WWII movie telegram during birthday party

World War II movie in black and white.  I remember two of the scenes.   Driver of the car  wouldn’t stop to pick up car pool riders due to rationing.  He would just slow down so rider would have to run along side of car and jump in.  Most of the passengers were older or overweight making for comedy when they all but throw themselves into the car. He also slowed down just enough so that he went through a stop light at just right time making everyone nervous he would go through a red light.  He says “when I get a higher rationing stamp I’ll stop but until then…”

There was also a scene where everyone is at a birthday party and a guy on a bicycle delivers a telegram.  Everyone freaks out because during the war you only got telegrams because someone was hurt or dead.  But this telegram was a Happy Birthday wish and folks got mad that the sender would send it.

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  1. “What a Blonde”(1945)


    ‘What a Blonde gets under way when wealthy lingerie manufacturer Fowler (Leon Errol) runs out of valuable gas-ration coupons. Knowing that he can secure additional coupons if he forms a car pool, Fowler orders his butler Pomeroy (Richard Lane) to seek out a few “riders.”…’

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