WWII movie set in Ardennes

I saw this movie c. 2004. It featured “Die Deutsche Wochenschau” (German propaganda newsreel clips) and compared it with what really went on the frontline. It looked very realistic and authentic, but did not have descent special effects, therefore it might have been a TV movie. It was probably made in the 1990’s because it looked quite recently made.

Here is the plot:

On the eve of 1945 a fanatic German waffen ss major called Braun [if I’m not mistaken] is tasked to capture a town in Ardennes in order to gain hold of oil tanks for panzers and a bridge for troops to withdraw to Germany. Before the operation begins a medal and a letter arrives from Germany. HQ decides to give the medal to him but not to tell Braun that his entire family has vanquished in recent bombings.

Braun attacks the town with his troops including two of his friends, a fat man and a boy who recently joined the forces via the Hitler Youth. During the operation a documentary maker and his camera man film him giving order for U.S. prisoners to be executed. Braun captures the bridge but fails to capture the town and retreats.

HQ receives intel that the allies are beginning an all-out assault and begins retreating, burning everything they cannot move, but orders Braun to hold the bridge. Lacking ammo, Braun desperately holds the bridge. The guy from the Hitler Youth goes to HQ and criticizes the commander. The disgraced commander suicides. The allies begin killing every one including those who surrender. Braun orders the fat man to eliminate the documentary makers and destroy the reels, but his mg jams and hearing ally bombing he allows them to flee back to Germany. Braun and his two friends are killed in the bombing.

The movie ended showing Hitler awarding the documentary makers.

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