Worst movie of all time, IMHO

I have been trying to find this title for over 30 years! Back in the very late 70’s/early 80’s I watched the absolute most terrible movie ever (for me). A crime drama, in England?, at a castle like setting. Plot points and character decisions making NO sense whatsoever and bad, sometimes, indistinguishable dialog. It seemed there were about a dozen players with a detective or inspector trying to solve a murder. I vividly remember a circular drive in the front of the house, castle. And I remember a lot of the movie taking place at night.

It seemed like there was a character who dressed really bizarre but maybe no. And that character(or maybe a different one) doing bizarre actions.?

I was soooo p—-d at the ending! Not specific but I was so shocked at , whatever happened/how it was explained/solved. I was young but learned a lesson from that ….sometimes you have to cut your losses and walk out.

That being said,Ā  I would really like to share this incredibly terrible movie with others! Ha! I hope someone else saw it too and has some information.Ā  Sorry, IĀ  don’t have more to go on.

8 thoughts on “Worst movie of all time, IMHO

    1. That certainly is hitting on some points but I don’t remember any water being involved. It was in color, yes. But, I believe I watched it upon release at the time of late 70’s/early 80’s.

      1. The
        My main take-away was ‘nothing made sense’. And I waited all the way to the end of the movie…..just hoping it would redeem itself. Nope.

        1. No worries, it just sounded familiar šŸ™‚
          I hope someone finds it, I’m curious to see just how bad it is now šŸ˜€

      2. I kinda doubt it’s “Horror Island” just because that film isn’t too bad. It’s your basic “Old Dark House” mystery. Kind of a fun little flick, actually! I’m so very curious what the film could be, though as I run a bad movie site and I’m always looking for terrible movies to potentially feature!

    1. I hope I wasn’t uninformed enough at the time to recognize a spoof. But, it’s like that…if it took itself seriously. Just in case, I am going to watch the end of that to make sure I don’t recognize it. Good effort!

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