Woman Writes Script for Man’s Life

Hello, everyone,

I remember seeing either a movie or TV show in the early 2000s. It was American-made, in color. Could have been from the ’90s or 2000s. I swear it was an episode of The Outer Limits or some show like it, but I cannot find anything.

There was a man who had some blue collar job, a wife and young daughter at home. But things started going wrong for him–he lost his job, his wife wanted a divorce, etc. Then one night he saw some men messing around outside (I think they were trying to slash his tires). Eventually, he figures out that they are part of why his life has taken a bad turn. They just do the dirty work according to a script they have about the man’s life. At some point, the man finds and confronts the scriptwriter–a young woman  who looks like a stressed out reporter/professional lady. He demands that she start writing about good things happening to him and she relents. It ends with him and his wife back together and happy. During the ending scene, I think I also remember the daughter badly practicing the violin off-screen. The man then jokes to his wife that they should get their daughter a piano instead.

Any help is appreciated!

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  1. It is on YouTube.

    Gabe’s Story from second Twilight Zone reboot.

    Gabe’s Story from the second Twilight Zone reboot.

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