Woman sets man/boyfriend up, lawyer doesnt believe his story

I saw this B grade midday movie about 20 years ago. Im guessing its late 80s, early 90s. In my minds eye, the actress kinda reminds me of Ashley Judd but dont let this distract you from the plot below; like when you say “his name starts with M”, “Johnny?”, “yeah Johnny, I told it started with M” 🙂

So the bit I think I remember – the man walks in, maybe a hotel room, and finds the woman has tied a guy up with masking tape on the couch. She proceeds to kill this guy by spraying an aerosol can in his mouth. They fight/struggle and end up having rough sex. The woman has left the phone off the hook on purpose and makes it sound like the man killed the guy and did rape her.

The movie is the man, in jail, telling to his lawyer what happened (this may only have been revealed at the end, the rest plays out like its live) and of course the lawyer doesnt believe him. The man is then taken away into custody and the movie finishes.

I think the man was dating the woman who just moved into town and started working with him?

Be aware, if you get this, Ive got a real hard one next 🙂

5 thoughts on “Woman sets man/boyfriend up, lawyer doesnt believe his story

  1. Sounds like The Last Seduction with Linda Fiorentino.

    If not, you should watch it anyway, it’s a great movie!

    1. I think you’ve got it! Sorry about the delay, junk mail filter working OT 🙂
      The trailer didn’t ring any bells, I almost closed it, but the closing seconds showed a guy tied up which rang some bells and…. well….. I have found the movie and am going to watch it tomorrow. I will confirm after that.

  2. Like I say, it’s a great movie even if it’s not the one you remember. If you’re remembering another film it’s probably a ripoff of this one.

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