Woman pushed outside the house by an elderly woman and is then consoled and kissed by lover – Repost

I’d seen this movie some years back on TV.

A young shy beautiful woman is in the toilet, sitting on the commode I think.
Suddenly an old angry woman(her mother?) opens the door and forcibly leads her out, holding her hand.
Next, she takes her to the main door of the house and pushes her out.

I remember the house has stairs downwards right out the door.
She’s sad and walks down the stairs or maybe rolls down, don’t remember

When she reaches the bottom end of the staircase, she just sits there, unhappy and crying, maybe.
Then a young chap, presumably her lover comes to her and consoles her. He talks to her for some time before they engage in kissing and making out.

I remember the girl/woman is wearing a skirt. I vaguely remember the movie as being kind of a period drama…it had the look of it or maybe the movie itself is from that time, I’m not sure.

I really hope someone knows about this movie. The scene’s been in my head since years now! Help!

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