Woman is left on altar

This movie was in black and white and I saw it in TV about 7 years ago, in I believe spanish. I don’t know what year it could’ve come out in but it was probably 1930s to 1950s?

So a woman and man were going to get married, but the man leaves her at the altar and when she calls his house his wife answers the phone and tells her that he is already married. I think she gets depressed and when she goes back to work her coworkers ask her about her wedding and she lies and says that it was wonderful or something like that. And then she throws up and her coworkers say that she is probably pregnant after her honeymoon. So she goes all in, to the lie, and she pays a photographer to edit the man and her into a wedding photograph. Then she goes to the doctor and I don’t know what happens nor how but she gets a positive pregnancy test and she wears a fake stomach so that it looks like she is pregnant. I don’t remember what happened after that, and I want to know how it ends. Thank you!

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