Woman in a very white hidden/underground hospital/asylum.

This has been killing me a few years. The information is spotty at best.
A woman with long dark hair is trapped/trying to escape from this place. It has one scene where she is in an old decrepit area and is trying to open up a passage way which leads her down into this extremely white underground hospital kind of atmosphere. Emphasis on the white, it’s like it’s been slightly over exposed which contrasts lovely with the blood. Which is another scene, (she could have possibly been pregnant) as shes dragging herself backwards on the floor along a very white hall way trying to get towards plastic flap doors, shes covered in blood, she’s running away from something. I only really remember there being very few characters, in fact this woman is basically the sole main actress. I don’t think it would be too old of a flick and I have a faint feeling it could be foreign (I live in Australia) though I don’t recall seeing subtitles.
I just can’t put my finger on what movie this is all from. Any help would be brilliant 🙂

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