Woman has dreams that she used to draw about

I remember this movie I saw a while back, about a woman who starts having weird dreams, and she tells someone (I guess it must be her mother) and she shows her drawings she used to make when she was a kid. The Drawings correlate with the dreams she’s been having. I don’t remember the rest of the movie, and it’s possible I didn’t see the enite thing. I’m pretty sure I saw it on tv, so I might have changed channels or something.

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      1. Lost in forest.

        I’m still looking for my ’70 or ’80’s movie about the group of teens or young adults lost in the forest, it’s kinda American Gothic type movie. I am having the hardest time finding it. I can’t seem to post to this site. It seems nobody knows my movie, it should be a tv movie. They came across a remote cabin, people or a person allows them to sleep there. They are forced to sleep in different rooms, (maybe mixing it with the other movie on that part) and I know this blonde woman escapes by climbing this very steep cliff to get away. She is then limping across a bridge, there is an old guard at the end, I believe the bad guy catches up and kills the guard and she kills him. I believe by that time, she’s gone totally insane because what she been through.

        I apologize for posting here but I can’t seem post on the main page. I’m desperate to find this one movie. It was very old looking and not much light like they used to be in the 70’s and 80’s.

        1. Roxanne, let’s do this.

          I am going to post your description on the main page. I would like you to try to post it yourself using the form (http://irememberthismovie.com/what-was-that-movie/) and tell me exactly what message you receive. I’d also like to know what browser you are using so I can try to track down the problem. Post those results on “Endless Chat,” if you would.

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