Woman fighting a Bull, Black and White // Lisa Gerrard?


I have seen a scene from a movie, where a woman is fighting a bull on a hill. Together with here are a group of mourning women in black attire. The clothing and scenere look as if it would be scicily or spain. The woman fighting the bull is pointing her fingers near to her head, mimicing the bulls horns.

The movie is black and white, I don’t know how old it is, I think it could be “made old” and be done around 2000. The scene also was around 50%(?) of its original speed. Also, I hope this is a hint, it could be a music video, but I don’t know.

What I remember is, that Lisa Gerrard had something to do with it. Some people said that it would be El nino de la luna, but the movie isn’t black and white and this scene isn’t in it, as far as I’ve seen.

This forum is the best, it helped me already once, I hope you can help me this time too. Thanks in andvance!


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