Woman disguises herself to win competition/get inheritance

The movie is probably from ’80 or ’90.

I don’t remember what era was in the movie.

Woman disguises herself as her brother (or something similar) to enter some kind of competition for money or maybe competition for inheritance.

The plot is set in a part of the world where there are tribes, could be Middle or South America or maybe Africa.

One of the participants knows she is a woman and constantly taunts her but doesn’t reveal her secret.

There is also a Mexican guide (I think he has mustache) and he falls in love with the main protagonist who he thinks is a man and there was a scene when he is confessing to the priest that he likes a man.

One time they were captured by the savage tribe. The main protagonist frees them by making tribe believe she is a witch: playing tricks and changing into woman (revealing her identity).



It is not Sahara.


Thank you in advance.


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  1. Did you ever find out the name of this film? I am atm wrecking my head trying to remember this film.

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