Woman burned by Book in library.

I saw this when I was a kid so it had to have been made before 1980. The scene is of a woman with long hair (I think light brown) – maybe wearing a turtle neck. She’s standing and holding a big book open in front of her. It’s so big that she is holding with both hands. She’s definitely in a library of some sort. Then someone (I think it’s a man) comes in and shoves the book into her chest and she starts screaming and smoke comes up from the book & her chest. The book is burning her. I have no idea when the movie was made but it was something from when I was quite young and it feels like it might have been a movie from the late 60’s or early 70’s. I saw it on television (not in a movie theatre) I used to have nightmares about it and have been wanting to figure out what movie it’s from for ages. Anyone know?

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  1. Could it be Spectre, a TV pilot Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek, did that was shown on TV as a movie in the 1970s? There’s a scene in it just like the one you describe.

  2. Oh my god! I just solved another post which was this movie just days ago. Ican’t believe I missed this. You can watch the full movie on Youtube, and that scene is like 11 minuted into it.

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