Ok this has been bothering me since the ’90s. So there are wolves in this movie. It’s from the ’80s or ’90s. Two scenes stand out in my memory. The first involves a kitchen and a corded telephone with blood all over due to the attack of wolves, possibly werewolves…

The other scene is very strange. A man is either kissing or hugging a woman, they are standing in a living room/parlor, when all of a sudden she disappears into thin air – all of her that is, except for her breast implants. They hover in the air for a second before dropping to the floor.

I do not believe this movie was meant to be a comedy, but then again I saw it when I was around 10, so not sure. Someone please help! It has haunted me.

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  1. Oh wow ok I’ve seen this movie but I swear it’s in another movie too. It was a mostly scary movie where wolves were killing people. Thank you so much though!!

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