Wolf man chasing a couple – horror movie


I watched this in early 90s. It was a colored movie. I was below 10 at that time. We watched it in VHS and remember someone fast forwarded a kiss/ sex scene.

Thing I remember about the movie is  a wolf like man following a young couple. The wolf man got two large teeth to the side of his mouth and wore a blue jacket as far as I remember. Couple go to motel, etc etc to get rid of him, but he eventually catches them, and then they started running again,

There is one scene in the movie in the latter half, the couple travel by train, and the wolf man also followed them there. There was a bit of a gunfight and stuff. May be it was the climax.

Please help, I so like to watch this again.

9 thoughts on “Wolf man chasing a couple – horror movie

  1. Sorry it wasn’t American werewolf.
    Also if it helps, I remember the bad guy was very strong. He could move anything, Also there is a possibility that he could be a vampire…

    1. Wolfman is THE bad guy. I just remember him as a wolf, but he could be a vampire as well but I don’t recall he sucking blood from others.

  2. This is a long shot but could it be the 1988 movie “Lone Wolf”? The wolf can be seen wearing a blue jacket in this one. Another movie that could possibly be it in the 1981 film “Night of the Werewolf”. Hope this helps.

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