when I saw it it was between 1996-2002 for sure.

tring to remember movie that i saw as a kid.

when i saw it it was between 1996-2002 for sure.

what i do remember, is residents for small town in nowere finding some day transparent wall that lock them inside it.
i remember that there was only one man charecter (white thin male)…
when the town’s residents found the wall, they tried to beat is.
one gypsy sent her crow above the wall – but the wall took her and her crow (make them dissappire).
another musciler guy tried to punch the wall. and the wall took him too.
another guy (black guy) tried to dig under the wall – the wall expend the hole and took him too.
meanwhile one fat monk commit a suiside with dagger at some chearch or something like that (place with candeles).
one by one they all dissapeard untill there was only the main charecter left. in that stage, the monk came back too life and began to fight with the main charecter.

in that point i was too scard and i went too sleep.
the movie are not horror movie, doesn’t contain some paranormal activity (beside the wall and it’s power), no alians or demons or vempires. i don’t even sure that the movie was in english.

i bellive thats base on “under the dome” book, but maybe not.

for years i’ve been tring to find that movie. please help me.

thank you,


One thought on “when I saw it it was between 1996-2002 for sure.

  1. Under the Dome (2013-2015)? It was a tv series but I think it sounds like something like an episode of The Outer Limits? I think I saw this posted somewhere else. Is this true?

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