What’s the name of this movie please?

Hi. I’m trying to find the name of this movie I believe it was made in the 80s or early 90s. What happens in the movie is a married woman has an affair with a man called Scott. It has a scene where Scott teaches her how to use a gun and he seduces her. Scott has a friend, and both of them plan to RIP OFF the married couple but Scott has second thoughts.  The movie ends resulting in a showdown at the married couple’s house. It has scenes with Scott and his friend fighting and Scott gets shot by his friend. And the friend who is wearing a mask, confronts the married couple with a gun, the married woman pulls out her gun ordering Scott’s friend to drop his gun, but Scott shoots the friend. And the married woman has a final scene with Scott finding out that it was Scott who shot the friend and the movie ends with Scott walking away wounded

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