What’s the name of this alter-ego movie?

A married, unsuccessful timid art dealer realizes things in his house have been moved while they were sleeping. He’s tall, balding, middle age, He rigs a camera and to his horror he videotapes himself roaming the house, eating in the kitchen, seemingly fully awake. Eventually, he learns his alter is tired of failing and wants things to change. Alter is more aggressive, self-assured and strong. A complete opposite of his own timid self. Alter-Ego (AE) even has sex with his wife, to her surprise but total enjoyment. She has no clue. I don’t remember how but blood is spilled. Either a bothersome pet or person is hurt or killed by AE. These things happen only while the guy is sleeping. A key scene is the man chains himself up in his garage to prevent AE from doing anything else. AE has warned the guy (in the videotape) that if things don’t change, if the guy doesn’t stop being a wus and let others walk all over him, AE will take over his body. Despite the chains, AE gets free and I think kills someone who has wronged him (or something like that). Another key scene comes right at the very end. He visits a lesbian couple who used to taunt and belittle him and ends up having sex with one of them, causing the other to leave. The movie ends with the man becoming much more successful, respected, desirable, etc. AE has completely taken over.
I think this is an indie film…possibly Austrailian. Not sure. Color movie. The movie date is mid-2000’s. NOTE: The film is NOT “In My Sleep”. My search led me there and from the trailer, the plot appears similar. I’m almost positive it is an English speaking movie but it’s possible it may not be and is sub-titled. I saw the movie via one of the streaming services.
I’m a newbie at this and this is my first request. Please forgive my poor memory. Any help would be appreciated. I’ve been searching for about 2 years and it’s driving me nuts…!!! Thank you.

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  1. sandnc
    That’s it…!!! EXCELLENT!!! “Luster” (2010) is correct. Thank you so much for your help. Gonna try and “pay it forward” by trying my best to solve others’ requests. Thanks again…

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