What’s the name of the movie – corridor fighting/running scene


so what I remember from the movie is that there is a guy and a girl involved, probably an action or action-rich movie, they’re running through a corridor and fighting bad guys (I think the girl is doing most of the fighting but not sure) and there’s this awesome song that is playing (a male voice I think). I think they reach the outside or a lift at the end of the scene… As far as I remember, the corridor is darkish. That’s basically it. It’s horrible, I can’t remember who’re the actors, the story of the movie nor any of the song lyrics.

Hope somebody can help, and thank you sooo much if you do!

2 thoughts on “What’s the name of the movie – corridor fighting/running scene

  1. No that isn’t it, but thanks.
    I went through some previous posts on the site and I can provide similar details – the movie was in English and in color, I saw it on TV in the last couple of years (so it should be older than 2013), the song had lyrics and there was some dialogue between the characters superimposed onto the song.

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