what movie is this?

Hello everyone.
I was told the plot of this movie a long time ago but I was never told the title.
It’s about a girl who has an imaginary friend (or something like that) and this imaginary friend convinces her to kill her whole family (supposedly to save herself or something like that). She ends up killing her whole family (father, mother, etc), the father I was told she kills him by putting a hair dryer or an iron (an electric appliance it was) in the shower. At the end her imaginary friend tells her “You killed your whole family. Now for being bad, I’ll kill you” (or something like that).
Has anyone ever seen this movie? Thanks for answering.

4 thoughts on “what movie is this?

  1. “Don’t Go To Sleep” (1982 TV movie)?
    It was a radio in the shower, but it’s not an imaginary friend, it’s the ghost of the girl’s sister. And she doesn’t die at the end, she gets committed.

    1. thank you very much, that’s the movie!!!!!!!!!!! This forum is really amazing!!!!! thank you all so much for your help.

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