what is it

A cop or possibly federal agent is called into work on his day off to pick up a criminal being extradited to the u.s. The criminal being extradited is broken out of custody. The cop/federal agent is captured & made to smuggle drugs back into the u.s. because he thinks his family is being held hostage. Unbeknownst to him his family was killed as soon as the criminals busted through the door of his house. Once he delivered the drugs the criminals acted like they were letting him go & left him in a car set to blow up. He then goes on to take out all of the bad guys. I saw this movie on tv late night in the nineties I think. It might even have been the early 2000’s. I thought it was David Caruso playing the lead character, but I looked up his filmography & didn’t find anything. So I have no clue who the lead was.

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