this is a western from the 60/70’s in english and a mainstream film with regular american actors. A character climbs into the carcass of a buffalo, i’m pretty sure that he freezes to death. I vaguely remember it being a revenge movie, but not really sure. Fairly sure I saw it on telly, it was in colour and had two main protagonists, one of which died in the aforementioned buffalo. James Coburn may have been in  the film, but probably not. Well if anyone can make sense of this I thank you in anticipation. Sweargen

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  1. Thanks sandc loved the trailer gonna see if I can track it down.The reason, if your interested is that I watched the Revenant the other day, it’s impressive but so many scenes from other movies including Rambo of all things, so looking for my own interest.

    1. Well sandic Impressive knowledge and the correct film, which I have to say I quite enjoyed. thankyou very much. reguards Sweargen

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