Werewolf movie where the werewolf gets healed and cured at the end by Dr.

I remember a black and white werewolf movie where at the end the doctor helps the werewolf and police officers are surrounding him with guns at the full moon. As the moon rises, the character looks up at the moon and the police are preparing to shoot shoot him if he changes into the werewolf. The movie Answear he does not change and he is no longer a werewolf. I can’t find anything on Google when I search for it but it was really a good movie.

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  1. That’s what I thought it was too and when I looked at the credits I saw Lon Chaney Jr. was in it. But the movie that I remember had a different actor as the wolfman and didn’t center around Frankenstein or any other monsters. The house of Dracula was good.

  2. Hi, thanks for this but it’s not this one. I forgot about this movie as it was good too. In the move I remember, the werewolf was cured and didn’t get killed by the constables around him. I remember the actor who was the werewolf has a mustache. I am positive it took place in England.

  3. It takes place in England and the actor does have a mustache, but he gets killed when the police shoot him at the end. Then a doctor explains how he was cured of the condition of lycanthropy. I posted the full movie from YouTube below. That scene happens at the end starting at about an hour into it.


  4. I remember this movie. Yeah the one I saw the constables had rifles and as soon as the moon started to rise, they cocked the guns. He just stared up at the moon and when he didn’t change into the werewolf, the movie ended.

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