Weird stuffed animal birth

This is weird, so brace yourself.

There’s this incredibly odd scene from a movie that I cannot find any information on whatsoever. Basically, it begins with (from what I remember anyway) a pregnant girl in pajamas hiding in a living room with a seemingly sentient stuffed animal, and these men in gas masks show up at her door. They shout through a megaphone that they heard there was an inter-species relationship going on, and the girl just shouts, “It’s nonsense!” Eventually, they break down the door and drag her outside.

Later, in what I can only assume is a lab, she gives birth to a large egg which than hatches into a stuffed bird that cries like a human baby. As the scientists take it away, the girl begs them to bring it back. I should also add that while she is giving birth, she is having flashbacks of an apparent sexual assault from the stuffed animal from earlier.

What is this movie? Is it a movie? Is it a TV show? I can’t find any information on it, and I don’t need ‘girl gives birth to egg’ in my search history. Can anyone help?

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