Weird movie witha Spitfire plane in it.

So I saw this movie a while back ago (around 2005-2006 I think) and it was a colored movie in english.
All I can recall was that it has an old spitfire fighter plane and closer to the end of the movie they (a group of people in the movie) were searching for this guy in a real high tech “cave” that was also some ind of rocketbase where they filled a rocket with animals and stuff like that.
They finally reached this “bad guy’s” room only to find the skeleton of the man they were searching for.
The main character then gets into the rocket somehow and there’s a big fight scene and in the ending the rocket get destroyed in the air.

His Spitfire plane is also named after his ex.girlfried but it’s backwards.

It’s kinda hard to remember all of the info on the movie as it was almost ten years ago and I was kinda young but I hope someone can get something out of it.

Also I saw it on TV but it was definitely a movie.

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